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Pillars of Creation x Techno Yoga

Project type

Art Installation





An immersive installation called „Pillars of Creation” was created in collaboration by Will Zawistowski and Yael Pool for set of immersive yoga classes led by a teacher Natasha Boyer.

About installation: “The constant flow and palpitation of the room are steady, like a heartbeat. These pillars mark a place to return to if feeling overwhelmed, a pre-existing and ever-changing place within all of us. Through the curated sound of techno, the space, the teacher and the artists will guide you in a creative sequence inspired by the art and the connection to our inner pillars, our inner foundation. Amid movement, light and connection, the opportunity to tune into the expansiveness of unison is created”

This collaboration was created to emphasize the importance of sharing community space, creating pillars of connection and resilience, and nurturing mindfulness on how we move through the world with one another.

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