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CAVE(IN) x Metamorphosis

Project type

Art Installation | Multisensory and Immersive


August 2023



An Immersive Soundscape, multisensory installation was created in collaboration by Will Zawistowski and Yael Pool.

((CAVE(IN) accommodates the interplay of light and darkness, uncertainty and change. The feeling of going inwards and facing the disorientation that it might bring, while still being a place of safekeeping.

When is a place of transformation a space for rest? When is inner darkness a place to call home? How can we create spaces to hold ourselves through constant change?

The issue many queers and trans folx face is that there are no spaces to safely experience change - to experiment with different forms of self, to allow change to manifest as a form of coming to self, of playfulness, of peace. The cave symbolizes a sacred space of refuge, a protective casing. It is an invitation to step into oneself. To be surrounded in darkness by echoes of introspection, liminal sounds, and reflections.

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