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H15 x Spoiler Room

Project type

Interactive Installation


October 2023



For the event called "Spoiler Room" which took place at H15, I got to prepare an audioreactive installation called „Cage”.

As each musician stepped inside the soft fabric cage, they were becoming the center of a room, which audience could observe surrounding the cage from each side.

During each performance, the audioreactive visuals covering cage and artists were changing depending on a sounds of music, creating a live play between different shapes of visuals and shadows.

About "Spoiler Room" event: spoiler room aims to be the first seed in a larger collective organization that doesn’t function on the basis of hierarchical structures, but who’s power comes through the various (non-economical) resources people contribute with. A place where you have the opportunity to experience your favorite local underground artists giving you a sneak peak of their unreleased singles or remixes in a form of a live performance.

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